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In-Line Patio Doors, Tilt and Slide Patios, French Window Repairs

Some common faults that can occur are:

Sticking or seized patio wheels that can prevent the sliding door from opening smoothly, often evident by the door jumping or scraping as it slides along.
Loose or broken handles.
Broken locks.
Steamed, misted, cloudy or broken double glazed sealed units.
Badly aligned french windows.

Tilt and Slide Patio.

This type of door was very popular in the 80ís and 90ís but isnít seen much nowadays as its operating mechanism is considered too complicated and expensive for mass production and domestic use. There are however still a few out there and they can and do go wrong. Often a small component failure can render the whole door redundant. Due to the complexity of components they can be quite expensive and time consuming to repair but sometimes only a small component fails so it can still be more cost effective than having to buy complete new doors.

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